Land Sea Sky

I'm naturally drawn to horizontal strips of tones and textures and these often feature in my photographs. For this ongoing project I specifically look for strong compositions with just the three elements of land, sea and sky.


Land Lines

Rural Aberdeenshire is farming country, a patchwork of constantly changing colours and textures as the land is worked. The boundaries of hedges, walls, fences with connecting roads and the criss-cross of telegraph posts and wires create a landscape covered with lines.



The Cabrach

The Cabrach is a remote part of Moray close to my home. It's a landscape mostly of moorland and hills dotted with abandoned croft houses. During the summer the air is filled with the sounds of calling curlews and plovers and winter brings wild and snowy weather.

It's such a lovely atmospheric place and I've been coming here for 5 years now, recording the croft houses and the landscape over the seasons.